Security Services
















Management Information System:


We have state-of-art networking system up to micro level.  We maintain the data to enable our management to maintain day-to-day watch at all functional level.  These data are reviewed once in every week to update for better efficiency.


Selection of Security Personnel:


Personnel are carefully selected from all the part of country.  We have a set pattern of physical standards like physical fitness, weight and height, apart from checking the general health.  Those who qualify the physical standards are made to undergo physical exercises, apart from teaching basic etiquettes before finally inducted for selection and training.

Training Facilities:


For effective security services, training of inducted personnel methodically and systematically to achieve desired standard is must. Our comprehensive training capsule covers physical aspects of the security such as armed and unarmed combat, the element of gate control, perimeter patrolling, maintenance of documents, detection of pilferage, fire fighting, first aid, public relation, industrial relation and art of being courteous yet be firm while dealing with concerned people.  The aim is to make them a perfect corporate solider.



Once after training, the personnel are placed under experienced security guards for on the job training.  The security personnel, whom will be selected for your establishment, had already been performed duty in similar scenario.  The security personnel thus selected for new contracts are put through orientation of the new place under designated Operation Officer.  The new site will be daily visited by our Operation Officer & Field officer both at days as well as night to ensure constant watch to ensure the tenacity of the security personnel to ensure effective service.